Gallifrey, also known as Original Spawn and The Stolen Earth, was the official main world during Bobcraft's original run, from October 25, 2011 to November 18, 2011, which has been referred to as "the Golden Age" by Larry Bob. This is the 2nd largest of the worlds (beaten only by Gallifrey-II) due to the installation of cottages & a rail network. It is the most densely populated world, with KalmanVille Sector II not even having 1 block clearance between houses at times. This was the original world from BeastCraft, dating from September 7, 2011. As a result, despite Bobcraft's technological advances on BeastCraft, there was much controversy from original players.

Main towns Edit

KalmanVille Sector I: This was where David Kalman built his original house on BeastCraft. This encompasses the valley after the large mountain, & Larry Bob's (griefed) house.

KalmanVille Sector II: The large town on the mountain above Sector I. Many of the original BeastCraft players built their houses here, including noodles29/J00LYA, TimeAbuse, marshmallow, and JStead.

Moronville: The largest town in this world. Just off of spawn (hang a left at the first intersection) this was the town created by Larry Bob, much to Kalman's controversy. This includes noodles29/J00LYA's cottage, Dr Gordon M. Organ Orthodontics, Dogbert Consulting, an abandoned castle, & a minecart station.

"Vacation Country" (unofficial name): The vaguest of the towns, this encompasses an unknown area north of Moronville where The Kalman, the God Complex, the Springstead, and a cottage are located next to a vast expanse of water.