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Spawn town

Named in a very imaginative fashion, Spawn Town is the name of the large hole in which you start out with. It has several attractions, including:

- Larry_Bob's pedobear head

This creepy-looking head is Larry's official spawn home. It is available for access by invitation only.

- Spleef arena

This specialized 16 layer Spleef arena was made for huge games which will be made possible after purchasing the new ISP service.

- The Obsidian Goblet

A moderator/admin only club, stocked with items & protected with WorldGuard for your enjoyment. Romulan Ale is still prohibited.

- Intrepid-class starship

This 1:1 scale model of the USS Voyager is open to everyone who can get in. At 374 blocks long, it makes quite a maze.

- "The orthodontic practice of Gordon M. Organ"

As we all know, Gordie is the second-most evil orthodontist in the world, but now that he's dead, his office is now open for tours. Includes a parkour maze.

- 15+ specialized Residence plots

Spawn plots are free for your first one, and additional plots are $500 each. 10:8 each.

- Interworld service

Most of our worlds are accessible through the stargate at spawn as well as the portals.